Areas of Practice
Mike has been practicing law since 1993. While his practice was initially much more broad in
scope, in recent years he has pared it down to just a few areas. He has had jury trials in a
variety of cases, including murder, rape, theft, drugs, etc. While he can resolve a client's case
when it's in his or her best interest, he is also comfortable and experienced in trial.

Mike more thoroughly enjoys helping families become more complete through adoptions.

For those people who like to plan ahead (and even for those who procrastinate a bit), Mike
can ease your mind with some simple estate planning to ensure that your property goes
where you want it to after you're gone without the unnecessary expense and trouble that can
result when no action is taken before your passing.
P.O. Box 150801           Ogden Utah 84415           (801) 393-6452

Adoptions                                Guardianships
Estate Planning                       Conservatorships
Wills/Trusts                             Probate
Power of Attorney
Living Will                           
Deeds                                    Criminal Defense